Energizer SPOT LED Tag


  • Visible up to 1/2 Mile Away
  • Water resistant (IP 65) Up to 3 meters
  • Energizer replaceable battery.

The SpotLEDĀ®Tag is the newest innovation that combines QR and Geo Location Technology in a battery operated LED tag, changing the way pets are kept safe or recovered should they ever go missing.

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The LED Tag has 4 light modes that can be seen up to 1/2 mile away! The IP65 rating ensures the casing is both dirt and water resistant, meaning pets are safe to wear tags in outdoor elements without risking breakage or malfunction. QR technology which allows the tag to be scanned from any smart phone with Geo Location feature that sends a notification to pet owner when the tag is scanned, alerting them of their pets general location.

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Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Red, Emergency Service


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